Volunteer Park Couples Photoshoot

Volunteer Park is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. It’s home to the Volunteer Park Conservatory and Seattle Asian Art Museum.

A man kissing a woman on the forehead at Volunteer Park, Seattle.

Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park is a beautiful place for a photoshoot. There are many different sceneries and the entire park is 48 acres.

In this photoshoot, J Roy and Alexis wanted a romantic vibe with greenery and a sunset. This location was perfect for the criteria.

Location: 1247 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112

The photoshoot

Our session took place late in the afternoon which provided a great opportunity for backlit photos. This time of day also gives off a very warm and soft feel, which is perfect for capturing a romantic vibe.

One of the best parts of this area is the trees. There are many trees around and as the light goes through the trees, there’s beautiful bokeh and blur.

Two people smiling at each other.
Two people walking up stairs.
Two people leaning in towards each other.
Woman hugging a man from behind.
Man kissing woman on her forehead.
Two people sitting on a bench.


There’s plenty of parking from the parking lot near the museum to parallel parking near the conservatory.

The Conservatory

It became very popular and many photographers took advantage of the space while not treating it with respect. Therefore, photoshoots are no longer allowed in the conservatory.

Thanks for checking out this photoshoot with J Roy and Alexis at Volunteer Park.

Photos by David Em Photography.

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