La Push, WA (All You Need to Know)

La Push is in the Quileute Indian Reservation on the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula. It’s known for the beaches and also for the movie Twilight.

A Haystack rock in La Push, Washington.

La Push, Washington

La Push is near the Quillayute River and surrounded by Olympic National Park. It’s known for its beaches, First Beach, Second Beach, Third Beach, Rialto Beach, and Ruby Beach.

Hotels and camping

If you’re planning to stay overnight, there are several lodging options. You can camp, stay in a hotel or cabin.

The following are hotels and cabins in La Push:

  • Quillayute River Resort
  • Manitou Lodge
  • River Inn B & B
  • Quileute Oceanside Resort
  • Misty Valley Inn B & B
  • Forks Motel
  • Olympic Suites Inn
  • The Pacific Inn Motel

The following are campgrounds:

  • Kalaloch Campground
  • Mora Campground

Road trip to La Push

La Push wasn’t the only attraction. The drive there was scenic as well.

Frequently asked questions

Where is La Push beach from Twilight?

Twilight is filmed at La Push, which is on the northwest coast of Washington.

How far is Seattle from La Push?

There are 2 routes to go from Seattle to La Push. The route with the ferry is 151 miles and the route without the ferry is 227 miles.

How far is Forks from La Push?

Forks is 15.4 miles away from La Push.

Is La Push beach dog-friendly?

Yes, dogs are allowed at La Push First Beach, Rialto, and Ruby.


La Push is a great location for photoshoots and the drive there also offers awesome views. If you’re planning a portrait or couples photoshoot, this is one of the top locations in Washington, as long as you’re willing to go through the 4-hour drive.

Photos by David Em/David Em Photography.