Men’s Fashion Influencer Photoshoot in Seattle

Rashad envisioned a city vibe for his fashion photoshoot in Seattle. We decided that Downtown Seattle was the perfect fit.

A man wearing sunglasses with his hands in his pocket.

Fashion influencers

Influencer marketing has grown and become more widely accepted. Companies are investing in influencers to achieve their revenue and marketing goals.

Fashion influencers have a great sense of style, which makes it easy to pick an outfit or two.

Photoshoot in Seattle

For Rashad’s photoshoot, we decided to walk around downtown Seattle. There were images we planned and we also were spontaneous as we walked around the city.

For the first shot, we went to the top floor of a parking garage with the Smith Tower in the background.

This created a very nice and simple background. The Smith Tower is a classic in downtown Seattle. It’s just a couple blocks away from Occidental square, which is in the Pioneer Square district.

A man wearing sunglasses and crossing the road.

Next, we shot portraits of him crossing the street to get a walking shot.

The cars and buildings in the background gave these images a very urban feel. One tip for getting a shot like this is to go to the edge of the crosswalk, this will give people room to walk without getting in the image.

A man with a leather jacket walking.

There are many alleys in downtown that offer a cool city look. After crossing the street, we saw an alley in the distance and knew that we could get awesome walking shots with no one around.

A man leaning on the wall with his hands together.

Parking garages are a great location for a photoshoot in Seattle. This rooftop offered views of other buildings in the background, which are great for creating interest.

A man with glasses sitting down.

We ended the shoot with a few seated poses and this was a great opportunity to showcase the details.

With fashion, the details matter. We made sure that the watch was visible and that light was hitting the shoes.

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Photos by David Em/David Em Photography.