About David Em Photography

David Em Photography provides photography services while also educating photographers with the best resources.

We’re based in Kansas City, MO, and provide photography services to clients across the globe.

Aside from photography services, we offer education and resources for photographers. Our mission is to inspire and develop the next generation of photographers.

From photography tips, guides, and gear recommendations, David Em Photography is the ultimate resource for all types of photographers.

About David Em

David Em.

David Em is the founder and lead photographer at David Em Photography. David is a published portrait photographer with additional expertise in landscape and commercial photography.


David is such a pleasure to work with. He produces one brilliant shot after another and is always receptive to what you’re looking for in a photo. By far one of the most amenable photographers I’ve worked with and I look forward to all future projects together.

Halo Top Creamery

I was actually quite nervous to be doing a photoshoot because I’m normally really awkward when people capture my photo… but David made us feel really comfortable with being in front of the camera. This makes a huge difference because the photos he captured look truly genuine!

Alexis and Jonathan

David is a top-notch photographer. You will absolutely get your money’s worth. He brought my visions to life just as I wanted, and was a joy to work with.


David was amazing to work with, extremely professional and had a really great eye. One thing that I really enjoyed working with David was how patient he was, even though he had a vision for certain shots he didn’t rush at all to get us in a certain place or position.

Oshian and Taylor

David is a truly outstanding and creative photographer at the top of his game. He has the unique gift of capturing the true essence and spirit of the person and moment he’s photographing.


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