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Why Should I Book an Engagement Photo Session?

Do I Really Need Engagement Photos?

Something I hear often is, “why do we need engagement photos? Especially, when we have to pay a professional photographer! Don’t we have great phones to take pictures with?!” It is a great question and I totally see where you’re coming from.

It takes a different perspective and it can be hard to justify paying someone for photos of your engagement. Engagement photos are a great idea because it will help you get comfortable with your photographer and you will be able to use them for a save-the-date, decorations and as gifts for family!

Your Perspective

Unless you are a model, you probably aren’t the most comfortable version of you in front of a camera. I mean look at it – the camera and the huge lens staring at you. It’s intimidating. No need to worry, this feeling is totally normal!

An engagement photoshoot is typically one to two hours long and it allows you to see my workflow. You get to see how I help you relax, pose and have a great time together. You can think of it as a practice run before your big day.

If it is your first time, the amount of time spent with your photographer will build a relationship and help you overcome the initial awkwardness that can occur with any photoshoot – especially with a stranger. It also helps you become comfortable with your photographer and the whole camera setup. Who knows, you might want to become a model after the photoshoot.

This opportunity to connect with your photographer is so vital, it’ll lead to a better and more relaxed wedding experience. You’ll have beautiful photos to look at for the rest of your lives! It is also important to talk with your photographer and have diversity in your photos.

Having your engagement photos one way (capture photos at a special place, destination or certain type of location) and wedding photos another.

Photographer’s Perspective

From my perspective, I want to get to know the two of you! This session will begin with us spending ten to fifteen minutes getting to know each other, which allows us to overcome the small talk and truly see our unique personalities. As we begin to take photos, it shows me your comfort level in front of a camera.

Some people are shy and need direction, while others have a “just let me do my thing” attitude. By seeing how you are in front of a camera, I enjoy seeing you become more comfortable over time and it helps me decide how many shots I need to take. For example, if I catch you mid-sentence or with your eye’s closed as a result of blinking, I will take more photos since I will edit these out.

Connecting with you is also one of my favorite things about couples shoots because it typically leads to a friendship. It’s a much better experience to have your wedding photographed by a friend than a complete stranger, right?

When Should I Book My Session?

Six months to one year before your wedding is the average time frame for engagement photos. The truth is, when you do your engagement session depends on you. You have to ask yourself, “when and how will I use these engagement photos?”

It’s a best practice to give yourself a good amount of time to have these done before the wedding because when you rush… I think you know how that ends. It creates unnecessary stress. These will or can be used for your wedding website or save-the-date, so give yourself enough time to have these fully edited and printed for your use.

The “when” is up to you but keep in mind the time it takes for everything to be processed. Wedding planning can be stressful, let’s make sure the photo aspect is the easiest and runs smoothly.

Are There Benefits to Get an Engagement & Wedding Package?

I always include engagement photo sessions in my overall wedding package. This gives you a chance to see my style. For me, I get to connect with you as a couple and interact with you more casually before your wedding day.

It also gives us the chance to experiment with angles, poses and lighting before the wedding day. Your wedding photography is an investment in a lifetime of memories. Your photographer’s job is to ensure that you are comfortable in front of the camera and to help create astonishing photos that will help you relive these moments.

Moments that you will cherish for the rest of your lives

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