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Alki Beach Park

Alki Beach is a West Seattle park just 15 minutes away from Downtown. It is a two and a half mile walk and is a very popular. You can also see the beautiful Seattle skyline. Although it isn’t like a Caribbean beach, Alki Beach is still a fun spot in the Pacific Northwest.

The Good

There is so much good for photos here. Throughout the whole entire area, there are many areas where you can shoot photos.

I chose to shoot near the end of the beach where you could see the Space Needle, be near the water, cool logs and a few steps away from the sand.

With this variety, it allows various types of photos. Personally, I think this is a win. When you can go to one location and take many pictures as if you are in different places – it’s a win!

The Bad

Alki Beach can be very crowded sometimes and parking is hard to find during those times. It is usually busy during the spring and summer evenings.

Otherwise, it is solid!

Give it a Thumbs Up

In my opinion, Alki beach is a great place to take pictures for any occasion. If you are shooting couples photos, I would highly recommend it because the combination of the water, sand and skyline equals a romantic setting.